Eulogy For Whom The World Forgot Lyrics


1.) Pinnacle & The Crypt Flowers Below

Ghastly midnight clover fields softly sway
In the blue phosphorescent quarter moon
In an abandoned railroad town, we drift
Street light fluorescence on your dusken skin
Close enough — electricity – entwined
Somewhere over horizon the world burns
But here there is only the crickets lowly hum
Until the dawn dissolves us – frost in fire

Nothing left, absolute silence
At the end of utter isolation
There is no reason I am here
There is no purpose
I have naught to die for
But I have lost all vitality
And I’m just left with the voices of the dead
The lost, forgotten, regretful howling

You are gone, and I am checking out
And the world is slowly devouring itself
Everything slips, falls away
And this earth is too empty to find you again
So the moon will know your name
As this melody fades to the wind
And I bow and rest
With the skulls in the quietude of dust

2.) Eulogy For A Man The World Forgot

You made your bed by the trains
Rusty bygone watching your sleep
The rain and stars your ceiling light
Woke every day with frost on your lips

They say you crashed in the gutter
No one to pull you free
Trapped in a moat in a bottles
In a world that deferred your dreams

Eulogy for a man the world forgot
Blanket of newspaper, railroad stargazer
Eulogy for a man the world forgot
Do the street lights remember your name?

You climbed in the trash to escape
Biting cold one winter day
Died in a waste of refuse, decay
Sleeping I saw you at last serene

The rain your oldest friend
Wore a veil to your wake
Her tears will wash your tomb
Where forever you face the sky


3.) Autumn Song

The brittle husks of memory
Blow like withered leaves in the dark
Creased like the folds of your skin
The old road on toward nothing
And the grass turns ghostly white
As the summer sun dulls to slate
Like the slow callousing of your eyes
This bone chill autumn rain

And the earth just open and swallow me
I want to rest among all the bones
I want to hear the heartbeat of the dust
I want to leave this desolate prairie sky
And the summer light in your hair
I barely remember in the early dusk
Halfway just ain’t enough anymore
Even if its all that we have got

And I’ll let you go when leaves are ripe
On the first bite of the winter frost
All once vibrant, once warm
In splendid slow, cold decay
There is an hour to die
There is an hour to end
Abandon never to pass again
Give all light unto the grave

Summer melt away
Autumn opulence to grey
Summer melt away
Autumn opulence to grey

4.) Debribement Day In The Burn Unit

Oh, this lonely house of dying
Oh, stillness, cold and palpable
Oh, road parched and impossible
Oh, these bleak years of nothing

“Better, better to die and sleep
The never, never waking sleep
Than dare to live and linger on
When the souls life is gone”
And yay, its debridement day, in the burn unit
And I ain’t got much, but peel back a little more
Peel back all this pain, this pus rot disdain
Gaze at the void beneath my gangrene wounds


I’m tired of the viper venom stabbing my back
Judas, Judas, with your silver, do you sleep well?
I watched the good gladhand deals with corruption
I saw all I love dance with the devil straight down to hell
And who do you love when there is no one left to trust
Everything beautiful maimed until monstrous
Everyone slowly becomes all they hate
Desiccated, jaded husks all that remain



5.) America The Unbeautiful

From nuclear sea to smog mountain majesty
Lurch towers of infinite plexiglas panes
Sunsets fade across eviction signs
Concrete swallows once unfettered hills
Light lowers to monochrome limbo
Just glass and cellophane, where life used to grow

In gunmetal altars obscuring spacious skies
Human sacrifices bleed for profit’s name
Monkeys maraud in a race of atom bombs
First across the finish line of extinction
War weighs heavy on shoulders in procession
We are the pall bearers of this world coffin

Just another face mauled by the jack boots
Badges bow to corporate glad hand tyranny
Another fortune carved from pounds of sweat
Scraped off heat exhausted human husks
Death by bureaucracy, tightening red tape
Death row trembling before tyrant noose shape

So salute this dangled stitching of stars
Grotesque as fifty exit wounds shot
Through blood red stripes and dead blue squares
The color of truncheon pummeled skin
The color of broken bone, dispossessed millions
Prison seams bursting with the mangled children

Of alabaster cities mouldered with human tears
Glass ceilings, the stains of selfish gain
Strip opportunity from any less than pristine
Prosperity bunkers behind ponzi scheme walls
Worshiping status quo, the carnival of cannibals
Eat their own as hollow stars and stripes fall

Mass graves, a mass of limbs stretch below
The white lines above these trenches of gore
A valley of kings comfortable in neon pyramids
Palanquins ferried on bloodbath palisades
Behind blue cage beams, lost in American barcode
A dream is dead, amber grain to fruited plain corrodes

6.) Breath Depart Bone Dust


7.) Phantasms Of The Puget Sound

Motion dulls the static of ghost voices
Always the drone of railways is one step
Ahead of pasts refusing rest in shallow graves
Bleeding to outrun all these lonely apparitions
Feet on highway margins, are morphine to wandering wounded
The road forgives, rain upon my ragged coat
Melt the dust and echoes of yesterday
Melt her sad specter beatified in my bones

And in a swarm of decadence, everything offered me
All I want is you, is what I never can have
Always a million miles – no one pushes through
Yet I sit and dream when the evening ends
Tumbleweeds wayward and free, under bus station benches
Uplift my penniless dawn, a ride to nowhere
The streets wait to cradle another aborted dream
Sad visage, haunt, tap the roaming plexiglass

But I’ll not ever look in your eyes
Eyes that hang too much like gallows
Beautiful phantasms of the Puget Sound
I miss everything as I snuff the lights out

Fireflies above the star gazer lilies drift
Under croak of bull frog, mastodon sky
Across moss covered rocks at night
Under the nebula shroud eventide
I wanted a hand, wanted your hand
But everything I thought once permanent
Was firefly flickers, luminous for a second
Before extinguished, fallen back in the waters
Now dark, forgotten as if never was

So I’ll peer into the waters alone
At all I am and all that I am not
Exiled in the rain like an ancient homestead
Left to rot abandoned out on the plains
Every gnarled board a prayer for dissolution
I return to dust like a dwindling empire
I limp with languor toward the moon
Across the neon waste, where I stitch my scars

Still searching for something beautiful
Still searching for something like home
Still searching for something like my ghosts
Still searching for something like you used to be


8.) A Thousand Miles & Ten Years Of Regret

They never knew you quite like I do
And this cruel cavalcade judges harsh
But I don’t care about their scarlet letters
I’ll bring whatever is left of you home
And a cool breeze blows down the boulevard
Salt of the Pacific, the sun you sought
I hope someone remembers your name
Among the monuments of cellophane

Valley of dolls, valley of tombs
Lolita I remember you
Valley of fame, valley of the slain
Lolita I remember

Driving up past the Mojave
I know sometimes you’ve got to sell
When the vulture feast calls for your soul
And the prison of past dues won’t let you say no
And I will regret being absorbed with my life
No goodbye – goodbye
Enter oblivion, the western glow
I let you go


Euphoria, needle painted in blood
Calligraphy of all your pain
Sweet surrender, lay down soft
The dark weight on your brain
You haunt this bare room in the light
Of the mist veiled valleys of the moon
Ashes drift like snow toward the ocean
And I hope heaven tastes like opioid flowers

9.) Frostbite Michigan Sun
I came without hope in December rain
Half-eaten by the circling vultures above
A cast away crash landed mid metamorphosis
I merge with the city, sky, and puddle pocked streets
A winter sludge creeping through this maze of signal lights
In cityscape sewers, catacombs of dead concrete
Where smog blankets the slashed job recession despair
As rain turns to sleet turns to ice headlights lurch
Slippery tangos down dirty snow caked with sleaze
Jittering spiderlike among skid row skeletons
Exit ramp to the doped up anonymous ventricle
Pumping pornographic blood through the city

Walking at night under iron barred window fronts
Broken down tenements and shot out streetlights
Upstreet from the carnage of life decayed
Mangled in the gearworks of American regime
Where college cobblestone gleams so pristine
Between prison bars and luxury skycraper suites
The frostbite Michigan sun high above machines
The marching ants and underclass flow between

Cold gutter grit seeps through socks, I’m hustling for a minimum wage job
I return to my cheap basement room, a voice I shouldn’t have left behind
Calls from burnt bridges of a past life, so back to the frostbite night
I’m shivering yet set on listening to the rustling dust of yester year
And I got nothing but bargain bin mozzarella sticks for dinner
The landlord is drunk, in the mood for corpses cheerfully recounted over beer
“People are cruel, yeah, people are knives in the back, and it all just fucking hurts…”
His bitter words leak from soggy parchment of his boozed breath

And how my feet ache as I stand to adjourn
Another day, only thrown away blood calligraphy
Human graffiti on gangrene fractured pavement
I’ll be erased by the all consuming urban sprawl
Reflections in the window pane, the cars, they race, and race
Determined to reach oblivion faster than another
Braving the chill of dilapidated, lonely overpasses
The news anchor’s doleful factual drone of tragedy
Is the only voice spoken to me all day long
The waitress pours yet another glass of lukewarm water
She takes special care not to touch my hand
Glaring at the callused, mile weary brown skin

Between prison bars and luxury skycraper suites
The frostbite Michigan sun high above machines
The marching ants and underclass flow between
The dusk radiance bows to the plastic neon routine


10.) John Coffey At Midnight


11.) Losing

Won’t you leave a solitary tear on the death chamber glass?
When they grind me to meat on assembly line coldcut display
Midnight in the cold asylum, flash a lone barbiturate smile
It will be enough. It will be all there is. It will be perfect.
Lingering at the exit sign, daring to live when the souls life is gone
I’m sick of the sky looking like a shuttered coffin full of weary bones
Sick of these neon anthills, all cruel, warring across the globe
I’m sick of these eyes, this heart, my mind, I’m sick of this skin, so human

The wheels keep turning, taking away everything I ever loved or found pure
Oblivion takes all the faces I knew, bone dust billowing rusty corridors
Until I am just a relic of what used to be, fossil of dead possibility
Shaking a fist from my lonely abyss – slowly disintegrating
I have nothing, I am nothing, nothing returns to nothing
In the lowest deep, a lower deep opens to devour
To which the hell I suffer seems a loving heaven
To which the hell I suffer seems almost welcoming

Old, brittle, tired, and worn, half-gone, driftwood waits the lightning
I once fought. But I have lost. Routed to annihilation.
And what’s left after nothing, but the sad velocity of falling?
Failure. Head down. Waiting for the tide to bury me.

I’m waiting for the tide to wash away
I’m waiting for the tide to carry me
I’m waiting for the tide to break me
I’m waiting for the tide to erase all of me

12.) Ugly

I was bleeding when I was born
A psychic wound just bleeding
Bleeding all across the floor
Bleeding on and on and on
And the years they ain’t been kind
Callouses scaled over my mind
I slide from human to monster
Mange devours this old cur

I was bleeding through childhood
A hemorrhage wound just bleeding
Bleeding all over the room
Bleeding over and over again
And people they throw stones
At my twisted, scarred bones
Or point and laugh and mock
At all this creeping blood to gawk

I was bleeding through my teens
A shrapnel wound just bleeding
Bleeding in the basement light
Bleeding, bleeding, bleeding
And I can’t feel anything anymore
Spent so long, long in the dark downpour
And all these human cares just hurt
Make me long for six feet of dirt

I was a bitter bleeding man
A raw wound just bleeding
Bleeding where none can see
Bleeding, bleeding, eternally
And ugly with a foot in the grave
Just a crucified dog no one cared to save
I have nothing but blood to bleed
I leave nothing but blood to bleed


13.) Starscapes Above A World Aflame


14.) Crooked Love Song For The Gallows

May there be light, may there be warm
In loneliest chaos of despondent storm
There is no rest – but rest, rest well
Aside all somber menacing swarm
There is no end, there is no goodbye
There is no darkness in departing sky
And I won’t leave if you sleep awhile
There is no regret, no sorrow to pacify

There is no tarnish, no everlasting ruin
There is no season of bleak monsoon
Unlocked, open, softly step through
Softly ever waiting, softly by the moon
There is no mask, there is no mourning
In my eyes you are all wonder
A universe, mysterious, abundant radiance
No scar could dull your deep resplendence

I see a tunnel, I see the subterrain
These are my bones bleached in acid rain
There is no hindering, no clawing cold hand
And the lodestar rise, as we will hang
There is no skyscraping terror looming
There is no cold, no empty blooming
There is no final hour, no last tide
Just unending road, unceasing wayside


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