Goodnight Friend

You read what I wrote between cancer treatments.  You kept reading, even when you did not have long to live.  It meant a lot that you would spend precious moments of lucidity, between durations of pain, and the fuzz of medication, learning and engaging.  I have not seen anything quite as powerful as a man on the brink of death still entirely awake in his conscience.  Determined to keep learning about the world and its potentials until the cancer shuttered those eyes, bid the mind to rest.

I enjoyed trading emails from time to time.  I’ll miss your contributions and responses to things I wrote.  You helped me find purpose.  As a writer, you cast all these words into the world.  You never know where they fall, if anyone even cares, or pays the slightest bit of attention.  You showed me, sometimes, those words find their way to exactly where they can do some good.

Rest in peace, friend.